Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peko-chan Museum

Today I attended to an event Peko-chan Museum Milky Town 2011.
This event has been held every year since 3 years ago. It's held for only 2 weeks.
This year is the 60th anniversary of birth of Milky, so they were showing the history of Milky and many old items.
Do you know Milky candy? It's milk taste soft candy which is produced by Fujiya company. This candy is so popular in Japan. I've eaten Milky since when I was a kindergartner. I like it very much.
On the red package of Milky, the picture of Peko-chan is printed. Peko-chan is a mascot character of Fujiya company. This character is as popular as Milky. There are many character goods are sold.

At this event, I saw many old items and pictures, and I saw that children was experiencing how to make Milky candy by themselves.

After all, I bought some goods at the store. I'm glad that I could get a cute water bottle :D

If you have a chance to get Milky, I want you to try it. It's really delicious xD

After that, I went to a famous curry restaurant, and ate curry. This is one of my favorite restaurants. I put a picture of dishes which I had for lunch. Curry was so hot and delicious as usual x)

I'll attend to an international event the day after tomorrow. So I'm already excited.
I want to buy many imported goods there. lol I really like imported goods, especially foods xD
I like imported things since I was in kindergarten. I liked playing imported toys and eating imported snacks very much.
Come to think of my childhood, I liked seeing national flags and listening to national anthems from all over the world.
I think I may have been a strange child. And it's funny that I've been interested in the world since when I was such a little girl xD

Thanks for reading!! See you again! :)


  1. Thanks for a nice post, miss Kaori!
    Enjoyed reading and seeimg the pics too!
    Never tried Milky, but thanks to your post,got interested and now I know where to find it.
    Remembering myself as a child was acting almost as you - much interest in forign cultures, particularly English and Irish. I was very good at history and geography, so this helped me.
    Now I've stayed the same - only the interest changed to Asia and especially to Japan and it's culture.

  2. I love Peko!!! I just bought a 60th anniversary tin can (posted it on my blog today). I love collecting their items & eating Fujiya's delicious treats! (:

    I'd love to go to the museum though! Jealous!