Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Has Come

It has been about a month since when I posted to this blog last time.
At the end of last month, my school was started.
In Japan, new school term starts in April. But in many foreign countries, it starts in September. Thus, many international students come to Japan in September. Due to this difference, international students can’t take classes from start to finish. It’s the same for Japanese students who go abroad to study.
To improve this problem, Tokyo University is planning to change the system. They are going to do the entrance ceremony in September. I'm sure that it will be realized, and other universities will follow it.

By the way, I saw two movies “The Tree of Life” and “Remember Me” after I posted my previous post.
I felt the theme of both movies was “Life”
“The Tree of Life” is so religious movie. Many symbols of the biblical story are included in this movie. But most Japanese people are Buddhists.
So I felt it was hard for many Japanese people to understand the message of the movie. Indeed, the reputations of this movie were so bad.
When I was a high school student, I learned about Christianity.
I don’t think I could understand all, but I could learn a lot.
Thanks to my knowledge of Christianity, I could understand what the movie meant.
There are various religions in the world. It’s the fact that there are religious conflicts.
I never think it’s not good that people believe in only one religion, but I think people should try to know about other religions.
I know that a lot of knowledge helps people to understand what’s right and wrong.
....and I know that I have to learn about many things more and more x)
Anyway, I think mutual understanding and cultural exchange are very important to make a peaceful world. 

“Remember Me” was released in the U.S. last year, but in Japan, it was released last month.
It’s related to 9.11. Through this movie, I reconfirmed that the victims of 9.11 had each life. Moreover, the movie reminds me of the victims of 3.11. I think we mustn’t forget them and we have to live strong.

In Japan, it’s getting cold. I want to put pictures of nature, but I don't have any good pictures. If I took a good one, I’ll put it here.
There are many things which I want to write here. But I have no time.
Thank you for reading . See you again! :D